’30 Rock’ Premieres TONIGHT

Spooky, Scary!

Hey, guys. 30 Rock premieres tonight! I mean, if you didn’t know. Every other media outlet in the fucking WORLD has reported that this awesome show, 30 Rock, is premiering tonight. 30 Rock starts at 9:30 pm on NBC, home of 30 Rock.

30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock, 30 Rock.

Seriously…great show, but I fear the media may be close to strangling the damn thing.

My advice: Skip every piece of journalistic media coverage regarding 30 ROCK and just watch the damn thing already.


2 Responses to “’30 Rock’ Premieres TONIGHT”

  1. Do you still like 30 Rock? What other shows do you like?

  2. Absolutely! I love 30 Rock! Actually, the entire NBC lineup this year is fantastic…Parks and Recs is def coming into its own!

    Also, I’m into Fringe, FlashForward, 24, Lost, and V. Survivor, as well 😉

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