Survivor Gabon: Sweet, Sweet Sugar

Spoiler alert for this week’s episode. Don’t read if you haven’t watched….yada yada yada.

I’m going to see how many blog entries I can write about Survivor that possess a pun about sugar. Because if you didn’t know: I LOVE HER. What a play! What a move! Crystal and Kenny should be kissing her ass right about now!

Ladies and gentlemen, Survivor Gabon started last night, October 30th, at 8pm. FINALLY we get some solid action and a good twist! And the first season blindside!

Let’s clap it up for my gal:

So last week I didn’t blog about Survivor even though I promised to do so every week. 1. I was bored last week and worried that the season was going to be a wash. 2. Kelly is annoying and I’m glad she’s gone. I’m now going to continue with life pretending that “Kelly” never happened to Survivor, just like I’m doing with G.C. But let’s be serious: might as well trim the fat early.

So this week: there was a reward challenge…which was cut off in Connecticut because of a missing 1 month old. Moral of: Fang lost. Wow, a shocker! Kota got letters from home and a bangin’ picnic on a cliff in Gabon. Pretty freakin’ sweet.

The twist came when Jeff told the tribes that both of them would be going to Tribal Council and that immunity this week was individual. Log rolling was the event, and Marcus took ’em all down! In yet another twist, Jeff tells Marcus that he can grant immunity to 1 member of Fang and he gives it to Sugar.

So if we’re keeping immunity count, it is: Sugar – 1,023, Marcus – 1, everyone else – zilch.

How does someone even GET two immunity idols! That shit is bananas! Ace asks Sugar for the hidden one because he’s worried, and instead of giving him the idol she gives him a ticket home in the form of a vote. The Fang vote: 3 for Ace, 2 for Crystal, and the snake goes DOWN!

I honestly didn’t think Sugar had it in her, but she’s really setting herself up to be a major player!

In unrelated Kota news: Susie is a “moron” as Corinne rightfully called her, yet they vote out Dan. My thoughts: meh.

I’m guessing the tribes will merge next week. All Survivor fans know that that’s when the reeaal fun begins.

I believe I’ve said this before but be sure to check out for Jeff Probst’s episode blog and his thoughts from the inside. Dalton Ross will post a pretty sweet recap as well.

If I had more than 1 friend that watches Survivor, I’d totally start a pool.

Fuck sports, it’s all about S U R V I V O R.

Next week: Randy continues to be cocky (and they hopefully vote his sorry ass out—they won’t, but a boy can dream, can’t he?).

4 Responses to “Survivor Gabon: Sweet, Sweet Sugar”

  1. I was so ready to see Ace go. What an arrogant blowhard douche. Can’t wait to see what’s up with Randy this week!

  2. Randy haunts me. But with Ace gone…I guess he’s next in the “token asshole” category!

  3. infamousqbert Says:

    also, in more coherent news, i was SOOOOO glad to see ace go. did anyone else catch the massive irony of that one challenge where jeff kept saying “this is ALL about teamwork! you can’t do this without help.” while ace kept shooing everyone away to try and build the pole on his own. he should have gotten kicked in the head then, but they had to wait another week for some reason.

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