Survivor Gabon: Stayin’ Alive

Spoilerrrrrrrrrs from this week’s episooooode! Consider yourself warned!

Earth's Last Eden

Professional Gamer Ken Hoang and his alliance-mate Crystal Cox barely escaped the chopping block, as last week’s top notch episode led into this week’s….well, top notch episode!

An important social aspect of the game, Matty tells Sugar that Kenny and Crystal played her and that Ace had her back the entire time. She shockingly cries about it. Matty and Sugar are friends now (?).

While tree mail and clues led the tribes to think that the merge was around the corner, Probst and production had something else in store: another tribe shake up! After the “merge feast” (suckerrrrrrs!), new tribes were chosen. Whoa, kids. Hang on tight.

The new Kota: Bob, Susie, Crystal, Kenny, and Marcus

The new Fang: Sugar, Matty, Randy, Corinne, and Charlie

Both scenarios should have gone according to plan for “The Kota 6,” as each tribe had 3 Kotas each, essentially. But this is Survivor: alliances shift, strategies change, and nothing can be predicted.

With the new Kota losing the immunity challenge (Matty you fuckin’ POWERHOUSE!), Susie, Bob, and Marcus should’ve had an easy vote – until Susie switched sides helping Crystal and Ken vote out Kota head Marcus.

YES, SUSIE. Y-E-S. Ok, I don’t dislike Marcus at all, and I don’t even like Susie that much…but I’m on Team Doesn’t-Want-Survivor-to-Suck-This-Year. Susie swapping is totally the fuel we need to to add to this somewhat-tame fire. If Susie sticks with old Fang…we’d now have a 5-vs-4 game, ladies and gents! Favoring Fang! When the shit did that happen!?  Hey, at least Susie won’t make the devastating mistake that Denise made in China – sometimes you’re on the outskirts of a major alliance, and you need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Sooner rather than later.

Could the tides turn in Gabon?  Could Kenny and Crystal be part of some alternate universe-led final 4? Will Sugar ever stop crying?


In related (kinda) news: The Littlest Winslow has entered a SURVIVOR POOL. (by “Littlest Winslow”, I mean “me”, and by “a pool”, I mean “a 1 beer bet”) on which Survivor will come out on top. I need help picking a WINNER. I suppose I should ask Dalton Ross at EW, but he’s probably way too important rockin’ the behind-the-scenes (man guessed like 3 winners in the last 4 years or some crazy shit like that! crazy stats!).

Even though I want Sugar to win, it’s not likely. So who should I pick, gentle readers: Randy? Corinne? Susie? (Ok, that last one was a joke!). Drop me a comment and give me your input (unless you’re Curtis…I will get that beer someway somehow even if it kills me or forces me to watch yet another season of America’s Next Top Model – yep we have a beer bet on that one too).

Earth's Last Eden


4 Responses to “Survivor Gabon: Stayin’ Alive”

  1. On last night’s show we saw the first real “Players” come out. I really liked Marcus and if he had gone forward he might have been a real contender to win. But it was a good game to turn the tables on him and vote him out – and a good game is what we’re all about, right? Plus he’ll come back each week for the jury so I won’t miss out much on his hotness! Susie, who is gross, will go in her own time, before final four, I’m betting.

    Still too early to call a winner, I think.

    GAME ON!

  2. I pick Ken Hoang to win this season of Survivor.

  3. Hey Leon…I’m leaning towards Ken as well. Only because I don’t think the others are smart enough to group together to vote him out.

  4. infamousqbert Says:

    i think corrine’s going down this week. she started out as someone i kind of liked, but after last week’s clips episode and her ranting about how “those people” are so stupid and didn’t even go to school (damn bitch! don’t mess with my sugar!), i can’t WAIT to see her get taken out.

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