Tacky, NBC. Way tacky.


On tonight’s episode of The Office, it was said that Kelly got everyone souvenir mugs for attending her “America’s Got Talent” finale party (HILARIOUS, by the way!)

What’s not hilarious? Just when I thought “man, It might be cool to own one of those mugs…” NBC was ALREADY flashing an ad on the bottom of the screen that said: “Hey! We know you love this show! Come spend your money! The episode just aired and we’ve already made this product available for mass consumption!”

We already like The Office. You don’t need to spoon feed its awesomeness to us.

Tacky, NBC. Way tacky.

(And why would ANYONE want to buy a “Serenity by Jan” candle??)

((and if i DID buy one…you bet your ass that I’d buy Kevin’s mug. but I’m NOT buying one. SO THERE.))


2 Responses to “Tacky, NBC. Way tacky.”

  1. I blogged about the Serenity By Jan candle store a few weeks back.


    Being a bit of a scented candle afficionado, it seems that these are quailty, low cost scented candles that, well, probably last a long time and smell real good! So, maybe that’s why somebody would want to buy them. Plus it’s kind of hilairous.

    I heart The Office!

  2. I stand corrected then, on the candles!

    But seriously, I was totally thinking about the mugs until nbc was all in my face with promoting them. Maybe a commercial after the episode wouldve been better… but it was like the INSTANT the mug got camera time it was like “OK BUY THESE NOW” lol

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