The new ‘Shiny Toy Guns’ tunes kinda suck…

I didn’t even know they had a new record out, but they do. It’s called “Season of Poison” and it was released this week, on the 4th.


So the new tunes kinda suck, no? My trusted No Doubt forumers all agree: the new jams leave much to be desired.

Listen to the new tunes on the band’s MySpace page here.

And WHY did they kick out Carah Charnow?? Wikipedia states:

In August, 2008 it was revealed that Carah Faye Charnow was no longer a member of Shiny Toy Guns and that she had been replaced by Sisely Treasure whose vocals are featured in the band’s Season Of Poison 2008 album release. Carah Faye Charnow revealed on several blogs that “the boys carried on without her”, and that it was not her decision to leave the band, and that the male members of the band had booted her out.

That shit is whack. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that Shiny Toy Guns don’t even need a female vocalist! The female vocals on “We Are Pilots” were somewhat superfluous. (Though, Carah’s vocals made songs like “Le Disko”) But one thing I do love in a band is loyalty to each other. Starting a band is a voyage! A journey that 4-8 people take together through better or worse to create killer music for their die-hard fans! Kicking someone out after ONE RECORD?

Sketch man.

Check out Carah’s new band, Versant, here.

8 Responses to “The new ‘Shiny Toy Guns’ tunes kinda suck…”

  1. I agree there new shit sucks!!

  2. TheSkytraveler Says:

    I’d be the first to admit that I was taken aback by the fact that Carah wasn’t with Shiny Toy Guns any longer.

    BUT the fact is Carah was the 2nd female vocalist in the history of Shiny Toy Guns.

    The first female vocalist for Shiny was Ursula Vari from 2002 to 2004

    Carah replaced Ursula from 2004 – 2008 and now we have Sisely Treasure 2008 – whenever.

    I love the new song Ghostown and now the remake of Major Tom from Peter Schilling.

    Sisely brings her touch to STG.

    I still love Carah’s vocals but I will not hate on the band just because they went into a different artistic direction.

    Anyone remember Van Halen – David Lee Roth replaced by Sammy Hagar. They got through it so will STG!


  3. I was (and probably should) update this! I ended up buying the CD a week ago, and I actually really like it! The new tunes have finally grown on me!

    You make a lot of good points, too! Thanks for the comment.

  4. STGs lost their shiny when they got rid of Carah 😦

    I don’t like their new stuff… I tried, I tried really hard. And, they are ‘ok’ now.. but they used to be my favorite band… *sigh*

    Carah is missed.

  5. I hear ya, Trisha. It’s just not quite the same. Saw them live with Carah and she was amazing!

  6. man… STG had so much potential with Carah and, for me, Sisely was a huge step back. I think the numbers show kicking Carah out was an EXTREMELY dumb decision. (We Are Pilots 400,000 copies to Season of Poison 60,000.) Plus, somehow people overlook how she CANNOT HOLD A NOTE. When she tries to sing Carahs songs its a train wreak. I dont hate SoP but I feel like Carah could have fixed a lot of its problems. Versant looks good, but Ill definately miss the originality of the old Shiny Toy Guns. Ill always regret not seeing them live with Carah Faye.
    p.s. Id marry her

  7. I hear ya, Wes. I miss Carah too. She was killer when I saw them live.

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