Everybody do the panic: FOX moves ‘Dollhouse’ to Fridays at 9 p.m.

How can FOX do this to Joss? Giving Dollhouse the same timeslot it gave FIREFLY!? Look how well that turned out.

Why the hell does FOX produce shows only to hang them out to dry on Friday nights? They have done this repeatedly, slapping fans across the face time and time again.  A part of me just died when I read this disastrous news. My new Facebook status: I HATE YOU FOX. IF IT WASN’T FOR ’24’ I WOULD NEVER WATCH YOUR STUPID NETWORK EVER AGAIN YOU INGLORIOUS BASTARDS.

Bitter? You betcha.

Seriously, folks: This is not good news for Camp Whedon. I will do anything and everything in my obsessive-compulsive fan power to ensure that Dollhouse rocks it.  I’ll spread the word!  I’ll send angry letters! I’ll storm their castle! Or yanno…the blogging equivalent of all that.

And top it all off: Terminator is moved to Fridays too, at 8pm =(

So tell me: What’s the ‘Dollhouse’ equivalent of a Browncoat?


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