Survivor Gabon: I should’ve posted this last week!

I didn’t do a Survivor post last week but here were the highlights from last week’s episode:

-The tribes merged; formed new tribe Nobag (it’s ‘Gabon’ backwards! Einsteins, I tell you!)

-Bob went to Exile; fashioned the best fake immunity idol this show has ever seen (Sorry, Jason)

-Corinne continued being a loveable bitch (“Sugar is so weak and naive and gullible. I’ve been nasty to her for 25 days. I was nice to her one day, and she’s sold. So it doesn’t even make sense, but she buys it. She’s such a moron.”)

-When the first solo immunity challenge hit, Sugar and Susie led the pack with Susie eventually winning (go, underdogs!)

-Sugar helped Kenny, Crystal, Matty, and Susie vote out Charlie; the look on Corinne’s face: priceless. AGAIN.

Earth's Last EdenI know some Survivor fans are bummed out to see such strong players leave the game so soon (Ace, Marcus, now Charlie), but I find pleasure in knowing that the game is taking turns that no one could have predicted. How boring would it have been if the Kota 4 just took the game to the very end? Meh. The answer my friends: extremely boring.

Next week: Randy stirs shit up. Again! I love slash hate him.

Oh, yeah. Did everyone see this?:

dickbagsarrested1Ace was arrested.

What a tool.

I hope Probst NAILS him at the Reunion, fake accent and all.


2 Responses to “Survivor Gabon: I should’ve posted this last week!”

  1. Ace is a tool for sure but why is everyone so convinced his accent is FAKE? Why? I ask yez.

    And “Nobag” is the BEST MERGED TRIBE NAME, EVER! EVER!!!


  2. Even Jeff Probst thinks it’s fake! He said so on!

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