Survivor Gabon: F**k the Jury

Spoilerrrrrrrrrs from last night

Earth's Last Eden

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. Crystal, Crystal, Crystal. You do know that the JURY are the ones who actually hand over the million dollars, right? And even though you loathe Randy, you still shouldn’t twist the knife to ensure that he does not give it to you, right?


While writing Randy’s name down, Sugar said: “You are a disgusting, old, hotheaded, chauvinistic, alcoholic bigot, and you need to grow up before you die alone.”  Wow. Man doesn’t seem to have made any friends out there in Gabon!

Then we had Crystal, SCREAMING HER VOTE into the camera, loud enough for the entire tribe to hear. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before! Crystal sure as hell doesn’t deserve to win, but damn she makes tribal interesting!

It’s like this tribe is saying, “Oh, f**k the jury, just go home already!” This is bound to bite someone in the ass later in the final 2 or 3.

Throughout the entire episode (and even before reading Dalton’s recap), I was wondering why Bob would even try to pull a fast one on Randy. “No thanks, Randy. I don’t need your vote either.  Does anyone want this guys’s jury vote for A MILLION DOLLARS!? It seem’s not. Bob had zero strategic motive to make that play. To entertain Sugar!? What are you smoking, Bob?

This season’s players aren’t being very good of players. Kenny seems to be the only one really working it. Problem with this? Everyone else is starting to become aware that he’s a mastermind. This means trouble! But then again, Sugar gives her idol away like twice per episode so maybe Kenny can benefit from it.

And the cookie incident? Straight out of the 3rd grade cafeteria. And I loved it!

Gabon is snowballing to become quite the season. Not quite Micronesia (understatement of the century), but definitely better than China!

Next time:

Bob plays more tricks with hidden immunity idols!

Corinne tries to not be a bitch so she can stay!

And Sugar cr…meh. Sugar-crying jokes are so two months ago.

4 Responses to “Survivor Gabon: F**k the Jury”

  1. Oh man! Last night’s episode was just insane, and thank god Randy is gone! I can’t figure out why in the world he thought it might be a strategically positive move to make sure everyone on the island hate his guts. I mean, if everything did he did went wrong, maybe he’d get voted off next week instead of this week? WTF? Hello? Nick, I understand you’re thinking ahead as to who Randy will give his vote to, but we have no idea yet who will even go to final 2 or 3 (my fantasy picks: Sugar, Bob, Kenny). And if Randy hates them both equally (very highly likely since he HATES EVERYBODY) he’ll have to flip a coin I guess because he has to vote someone.

    And about those cookies, Randy proved what a passive aggressive cocksucker he is when he said (over and over), “I could have just stomped them into the dirt if I’d wanted to.” What kind of a Satan-incarnate-control freak says such a thing when people are STARVING? What an asshole!! Good riddance.

    Thanks for the post, as usual.

  2. You gotta think about the jury vote! =)

    I would be 100% perfectly ok with a Sugar/Bob/Kenny final 3…but Kenny would never sell out Crystal (even though he SHOULD!).

    I can’t wait to see how it ends!

  3. I forgot mention that I also really (really) like Matty a lot but he’s got a target on his back…so who knows if he’ll swing under the radar or not.

  4. infamousqbert Says:

    i NEED a clip of sugar looking away and then looking back at the camera to say “LOSER!” to randy.

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