‘Dead Like Me: Life After Death’ to be released in Feb!


The “Dead Like Me” movie will finally see the light of day, hitting stores February 17, 2009.  DLM aired on Showtime for 2 seasons before being pulled off the air way before its time. The series revolved around a young teenage girl who is killed by a toilet seat falling from the sky. She then finds out that fate has other plans for her, and that she is slated to join a group of reapers who collect souls just a few seconds before people die.

Ellen Muth plays main character George with sarcastic flair unlike any other; Mandy Patinkin plays Rube and is simply indescribable. Jasmine Guy shows up in what feels like the first time since A Different World, and Rebecca Gayheart collects a few souls for a couple Season 1 episodes. Amazing cast, amazing story, amazing twist on death as we know it.

The movie will be without two main staples, however: Patinkin is gone, with Lost’s Henry Ian Cusick taking over as main reaper, while Laura Harris is replaced by Sarah Wynter, also portraying Daisy Adair. FUN FACT! Harris and Wynter appeared in Season 2 of “24” as sisters Kate and Marie Warner.

Needless to say, I’m pumped. Go catch up on “Dead Like Me”. It’s fantastic mix of dry wit and mystery of the afterlife makes for some killer Television. Or pre-order the movie now!


One Response to “‘Dead Like Me: Life After Death’ to be released in Feb!”

  1. Despite the fact that I loved the title of this series, and the concept behind it was pretty cool, the show itself sucked ass sideways and the characters were completely unsympathetic (or maybe that was the pint?) Anyway, maybe the movie will have some redeeming qualities?

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