2-minute sneak-peek: L O S T Season 5 Premiere

Thanks to Bacchus at Vevmo for pointing this out to me!

My friends know this because I complain about it often…but I’m just NOT as into Lost as I used to be. There is such a disconnect between the old-school tailies (i.e., Jack, Kate, Hurley, etc) and the new characters / Dharma characters that it creates a rift in the show’s flow. Honestly, at some points in Seasons 3 & 4 I’d get way frustrated just trying to figure out what the show was even about anymore.

I’m not giving up though! The show isn’t totally dead to me yet ::coughHEROEScough:: and hopefully we’ll be having a special guest blogger chronicle Lost’s Season 5 for us here at TLW.  She’s an INSANE Lost fan and will totally do the show justice in her writing.  Til then…check out the clip and leave me comments on your favorite theories.


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