Randomly found this while I was searching for a “Palmer for President” T-Shirt:

To Dennis Haysbert:

It’s clear that we don’t have too many Jack Bauers running around the U.S. intelligence community, but there’s no reason we can’t have a President Palmer. We, the undersigned, have banded together to draft you, Dennis Haysbert, to run for president in 2008—as David Palmer. Heck, you wouldn’t be the first actor to hold the position and you sure wouldn’t be the first one only playing a role. You have unimpeachable War on Terror credentials. You can’t lose.

We can live the dream: A good, decent president—in real time. David Palmer for president!


The Undersigned


If I had found this sooner, I totally would’ve signed! I would’ve been the 158th signature haha


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