Mindless Self Indulgence, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence R.I., 12-5-08

What can I say about this show? Well, not much. It was classic MSI, but with a way more predictable and unexcitable bedside manner.
Lyn-Z is pregnant and didn’t play. Bummer #1.

The setlist was EXACTLY the same as the Hartford show we went to in July. Bummer #2.

The show had no encore and was a mere 60 minutes long, if that. Bummer #…well, you get it.

I won’t rag on MSI too much, as I do think they’re one of few truly individualistic and experimental bands out there today. But that said, out of the 3 shows I’ve been to, they simply weren’t on their A-game this time ’round. And they never play “Clarissa,” which saddens me every time.

Here are some vids of the highlights:

Never Wanted to Dance


Straight to Video

Lights Out


Chicken Man commented, asking if I had any pictures of him on stage with the band (he and someone else dressed up as a Hot Dog ended up on stage during “Faggot”).  I don’t have any pictures, but I have this short, short 10 second clip of you guys rockin’ out up there. I didn’t upload it before because the clip was too short to hear any part of the song, but here it is!:

Chicken Man and Hot Dog Dance With Jimmy:


7 Responses to “Mindless Self Indulgence, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence R.I., 12-5-08”

  1. chicken man Says:

    yo you happen to have any pictures of the dude in the chicken/hot dog costume from this show?

  2. One of the girls in this band is a bartender at Otto’s Shrunken Head Tiki Bar, two blocks from where I live.

  3. Do you know which one?

  4. Is there a Lyndsey in the band? This lady has dark hair and is covered with Tattoos.

  5. Yea…she’s the bassist. Except she spells it all hip-like: “Lyn-Z” haha She’s also pregnant and wasn’t at the showwwwww booo. I suppose life must intervene from time to time haha

  6. chicken man Says:

    hahah thanks for the edit bro

  7. wow is LynZ still working there? becoming a pregnant bartender is a real reach for the stars

    nick, i think the main thing to talk about at the show is how the new guy fit in
    at first, i thought he looked uncomfortable and sort of awkward. but then as the show went on, i thought it was sort of perfect. he was never introduced in any way, and they never announced that or why LynZ wasnt there. so for the audience, he was like the little guy that used to follow mafesto around in the earlier south parks? and i think every band, family, and business should someone like that.
    what did you think about him?

    oh and chicken man, if you’ve read down this far, a week after your last post, i have to say watching two hotdogs jump around during the entirety of that song was one of the best msi moments ive seen. and ive been to a bunch of their shows.

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