Survivor Gabon: Alliance shakeups and hidden immunity idols weed the tribe down to 5

Spoilers for this week’s episode of Survivor Gabon…

Earth's Last Eden

I’d like to start by saying that I think I’d like Bob to be my friend. Maybe an uncle I never knew I had? Distant cousin? Role model? Maybe Bob would agree to be my new BFF?  That is how much I like Bob. He seems like one of the most genuinely nice, down to earth survivors that the show has ever had. Ever. Even though he wasn’t my projected pick to win post-merge (I picked Kenny, and I have a 1 beer bet riding on it), I would be happy as all hell to have Bob take this game. And if Sugar and Matty allow him to get to the final 3…they have zero shot at winning the money. (So, I hope they know what they’re doing!)

So on this week’s episode of The Bob Show, Bob won twice. Again. How many has he won now? And all in a row? The man was created for this game! Now, I’ll be the first to admit, he has made some questionable social moves (or, lack of social moves…whatever), but physically and mentally the man delivers when its challenge time. So he, Crystal and Kenny went on a trip to see Gorillas and grab some eats. Then he won himself immunity! The other tribemates better be scared – Bob may just win himself an automatic seat in the final 3.

So Kenny’s spot was blown with Matty last week which turned into the two squabbling back and forth like school children. Matty had no other choice but to align himself with Bob and try to work some magic. And I’m not saying that Crystal wasn’t the right choice to get the boot, per se, well…wait a minute. That’s exactly what I’m going to say. Who has a better chance of winning immunity next week? Kenny. And who would you rather sit next to at a final 3? Crystal.  None of the jury would ever give Crystal a vote for the million dollars. No way in hell. So why not take her to the end to improve your chances of winning?

Sugar made a good move by giving Matty her hidden immunity idol at Tribal, but it still leaves my head spinning as to why they didn’t cut Kenny out? If the final 3 is Sugar, Matty and Bob. Bob wins.  If it’s Jesus, Mother Teresa, and Bob, Bob still wins. Even though I’m totally hopping aboard the Bob train…why would ANY of these people want to go to the finals with him? It’s like Sugar is saying, “Nope. No, thanks. I don’t need the million. Just let Bob have it. At least he’s good.” Shouldn’t she be keeping her friends close, and her enemies closer?

My friend Curtis made a good point re: Sugar. Sugar has made some good moves, but they were always too out in the open. Too “in your face.” If Sugar had laid a little more under the radar (like that other chick…what’s her name…oh, yeah, SUSIE!), the jury would totally pick up whatever answers she threw down at a final vote. Sadly, I think the game is pretty much over for Sug’ at this point. She could hit the finals, but really it doesn’t matter. Same’s for Suze.

At this stage of the game, there really is only one question: Will Sugar, Susie, Matty and Kenny simply hand the game over to Bob?  Or rephrased: How will Matty and Sugar feel about Bob if Kenny wins the next immunity? Will they still be glorifying Bob, or will they revert back to seeing him as a threat?

The finale is this Sunday on CBS from 8-10pm with the live reunion show right after from 10-11pm. Overall, it’s been a pretty OK season! A season for the underdogs! Now it’s time to see how it all wraps up…

Sorry for saying “Bob” like, 364 times.  But there goes my hero.  Watch Bob as he goes.

(P.S. – Can you guys believe that Crystal was a Gold Medal Olympic Champion!? What the hell happened?)

(P.P.S. – I always try to shorten my Survivor blogs because they are always quite unruly in length. Looks like I failed again. Thanks to all (read: Gail) who take the time to actually read these!)


5 Responses to “Survivor Gabon: Alliance shakeups and hidden immunity idols weed the tribe down to 5”

  1. Oh Nick, you are so hilarious! Great post as usual. I think Bob has it in the bag if he gets anywhere clsoe to final 3 (it’ll be three people at final tribal, I am pretty sure). I do agree that it was strategicallya DUMB move not to take out Kenny, but I think these final players have some kind of integrity that says you keep the players who have played a strategically good game, follow me? I was So happy to see Sugar hand the immunity Idol over to Matty – way to go! This season started out really lame but has shaped up to be one of the better seasons I think. Can’t wait for Sunday!

    One correction: the live finale follows at 10, not 11.

  2. Thanks for the correction! That’s what I get when I blog at 2am haha

  3. P.S. Wasn’t this week’s Office episode hilarious?

  4. the office WAS great last week! and that’s good ‘cuz I felt it slipping a little


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