‘Notorious’ looks surprisingly good!

I’m not huge into rap, but Biggie was sick in his prime. “Notorious” hits theaters January 16th and promises to be a be-all tell-all of the life of Christopher Wallace. Jamal Woolard will play Biggie. It looks amazing. Yada yada yada…check out the trailer below.


2 Responses to “‘Notorious’ looks surprisingly good!”

  1. hahahahaha he was SICK in his prime?
    he was killed in his prime, bubba!
    he was the greatest rapper of all time by the age of 24, his entire life was his prime
    sorry to get technical

  2. That movie does not portrait Biggie at all. Biggie was way more pimp and way more gangster than what they made him seem in the trailers. Homie tries to talk like biggie and it doesn’t work, and he looks like a soft version of biggie. I personally think the movie is gonna be trash. It’s just gonna turn heads cause like D1 said, He was always the shit. Since he died being on top obviously people are gonna watch a movie made about him. Trust me, I’m a film major and i study movies as a career, This movie is not worth it.

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