The Real World: Brooklyn starts tonight


Please watch it. It’s at 10 p.m. on that network that you don’t watch anymore. Ever. Because it fucking beeeelowwwwws.

Seriously though: check it out. It’s supposed to follow the “more mature” side of the show that Hollywood began last year. Brooklyn follows 8 people this time, including 1 transgendered cast member as they all try to pursue their own interests/job opportunities.

And for the most part…the #1 reason why you should watch tonight….because I don’t want to feel like a douche for being the only viewer in his mid-20’s still watching.

Come on! Do me a solid, guys! And leave me some love if you do check it out to let me know what you think.

P.S.  For discussions, spoilers, and everything RW: Brooklyn…check out Vevmo. Tis the shit.


5 Responses to “The Real World: Brooklyn starts tonight”

  1. haha trust me you’re not the only d-bag in his mid-20s watching the real world haha – this season looks great, even though the first ep. just aired. talk soon!

  2. Please keep me up to date on this show that I will not watch by posting weekly recaps about how many times the “cast members” cry hysterically, puke and have sex with each other. Thank you.

  3. if there is one moment (besides the two dudes serenading each other in a boat arguing over whether or not they’re gay) why I will not be joining in on the fun of watching this show ever again, it would be the gay dude’s quote: “when I saw the statue of liberty, i just felt so… liberated”.

    honorable mention to the ex-lesbian discussing her boyfriend so non-chalantly, yeah, hes the one, you know. paraphrasing, of course.

    and for anyone that may consider this to be a new, more sophisticated take on previous real world ideas, allow me to describe each of the audition tapes sent in by the three girls from birth:
    1) beautiful black chick that discusses her boobs (big and beautiful) in a shirt smaller than most girls bikinis, showing off not only half her boobs from her cleavage in, but also another 40% of her boobs from the outside in.
    2) sexy dancer that lifts her shirt to her dancing bra writhing around with her friends
    3) ex-lesbian talks about her passion for tattoos while getting a new one. oh yeah she needs her shirt to be off in order to explain properly.

    im not saying that displaying sexuality is improper or even bad television, but i am against promoting it and fooling the light-minded into thinking its sophisticated programming and not softcore teen porn without the nudity

    ps the product placements were not subtle, even a little

    on the positive side, i like how they list the name and artist of the song at the bottom of the screen. thats fun. im not sure if thats new for the brooklyn rw, tho.

    ending on a bad note, i would say that the song CHOICES were the LAMEST possible. “lets just throw in any dumb song with a pop beat to it that mentions new york or brooklyn and it will make these dumbass teenagers in middle america feel like theyve already left home and are living independently.”

    sorry that this is longer than the original blog post, but i just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head and on to paper so that they dont come back and haunt me. because that makes sense.

  4. HAHAHA well, well D1, thanks for the enticing thoughts on the premiere!

    Though your points are valid…comparing this season’s cast (ps…of which we’ve only seen like 10 minutes each of…if that) with casts from the past (Vegas, Chicago, and other racier feats) I must say that this group just seems more solid. I don’t think we’ll see them doing all the same things that past group’s have done.

    Again, though you have every right to think what you want, but if you are a production company creating a reality show for MTV….OF COURSE you’re going to show the racier parts of the audition tapes for the “introduction” to each of the cast members. They’ve got a show to market, and an audience to attact. Tis all about the benjamins, no?

    Gail – I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a weekly recap yet. But your comment was rather sarcastic so I’m sure you won’t lose sleep over it haha =)

  5. but dude thats what im saying, the producers CHOSE the girls that would show off the most boob, and be most likely to act like retards in front of cameras

    and where in the sentence “Tis all about the benjamins, no?” is there a defense for sophistication?

    tee hee see you next week

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