’24’ Season 7: The following took place between 8am and 10am…


’24’ Season 7 started last night and I must say: I’m pretty intrigued! Though the premiere was good but nothing spectacular, I still think we’re in for a long action-packed day of events.

Here are some general thoughts I had while watching. I’ll be posting again tomorrow after the rest of the 4-hour-premiere airs.

1. I mentioned the potential-factor. My friend Gordy made a solid point – Everything shown in the first 2 hours was shown in the trailer. That leaves so much unknown territory for us to dive into for the rest of the 22 episodes! Maybe publically announcing Tony’s return wasn’t so much a spoiler as it was clever, clever marketing…? The beginning of a huge plot twist to come? Most likely.

2. I think Tony might be under cover somehow. But then again, that seems too simple and would seem like they’d be throwing a bone to the fans. If Jack and Tony end up working together by day’s end, it could seem like a cop out. I’m not sure what to think about the Tony sitch just yet. That said….if he IS bad….the motive needs to be much deeper than “the government killed my wife,” There has to be something else. Has to be.

3. Janeane Garofalo’s casting. Everytime I am forced to look at her, I just can’t take her seriously. Maybe it’s because I just watched “Wet Hot American Summer” twice in 1 week. Meh. I hope she doesn’t end up sucking completely. I would like to see Chloe tell off Janis though. Could make for some funny bickering.

4. And not that I’m a shallow fan or anything, but the first two hours really did lack familiar faces. It’s season 7 and I couldn’t help wondering who the hell these newbies were and why I should care. Chloe and Bill (and Morris…if he HAS to…) need to come back. ASAP.

5. Allison Taylor’s son is dead!?!? Didn’t see that coming! At all. After “Redemption,” I thought he’d be a major player in the new season. Glad to see Carly Pope still on as the son’s ex. This will unravel nicely, I’m sure.

More on ’24’ tomorrow. Tune in tonight, 8-10pm on FOX, to see what happens in the conclusion of the 4 hour premiere. Glad you’re back, Jack!


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