More No Doubt news…

A message from the band:

Hi Everyone,

Before you know it the buses will be pulling out and we’ll be back on tour! Since it’s been a while we really want to make sure things go as well as possible for everyone coming to see us. Our management suggested that we ask some questions to make sure we know what you guys like and need out there. They’ve whipped up a quick survey (we told them to keep it as short as possible!). If you do have the time, please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions and help us out. We wouldn’t ask you for a favor without giving something in return, so there is a special video download waiting for you if you complete the survey.

Go here to help us out:

Can’t wait to rock! See you soon.

Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian

The video they posted is below. But don’t be a douche…if you plan on seeing them live this Spring or Summer, take the survey! It’s short. (And be sure to click SQUEAL as your favorite song, dammit. I want to see it live!)


One Response to “More No Doubt news…”

  1. survey was NOT short

    started to slack off then bailed out towards the end

    they still took my info and gave me the vid d/l

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