Good news for ‘The Office,’ ’30 Rock,’ and ‘Mad Men’

NBC picked up “The Office” and “30 Rock” for another season! All together now: yaaaaaaaay.  It’s a little disconcerting that both shows didn’t get renewed for longer terms (2-3 years maybe?) buuut we can worry about that next year, I suppose.

And “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner has actually signed on for TWO more seasons of the show! Two is always better than one.

2 Responses to “Good news for ‘The Office,’ ’30 Rock,’ and ‘Mad Men’”

  1. Hey Nick, I want your thoughts on the following issue concerning The Office. You know last night when Michael and Dwight had the plan to “go undercover” to visit the office of their competitor? Do you think the Documentary camera crew was there? Because wouldn’t the owner of the other paper company be like, “Why is this camera crew here”? Wouldn’t that blow their cover? I ask yez…

  2. haha! Plot hooooole. You’re right! Absolutely.

    I always thought it’d be cool if The Office broke the 4th wall for just one episode…or gave us some sort of insight as to why they were being followed by cameras. Just because the British version never explained it, doesn’t mean the US version can’t. Or maybe that’d be a fitting series premiere.

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