‘Lost’ sucks. Let me tell you why.


You may be wondering where our special ‘Lost’ guest blogger is. Well, she bailed. And even though I watch the show, I’m not a huge, huge fan anymore. But, I wanted to offer some ‘Lost’ coverage because I understand that it’s one of the top shows on TV now and that many people like it. With my guest jumping ship, I can now tell you my true feelings – ‘Lost’ blows.

1. It never provides any answers. Yeah – I get that it’s how the show works. For 1 or 2 seasons, cool. 3-4, stretching it. 5 and 6? Ya lost me.

2. Why can’t they just tell me who Jacob is, or what the smoke monster is? Just give me a little something to tide me over until the show ends (which seems like forever away).

3. When ‘Lost’ began, our tailies were scared of “The Others” – a mysterious group of people that we didn’t know much about. The Others were bad, tried killing them, battles were fought, etc. Then came some old Dharma peeps. Then Faraday and his little plane/freighter camp. Now there’s other-Others? Everybody’s beloved Tailies are running around in circles running from a different set of antagonists episode to episode, season to season. WHERE IS THE FUCKING PAYOFF.

4. ‘Lost’ was so successful in the beginning because of the characterization displayed of the core characters. Locke, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Michael, Walt, Claire, Charlie. Everyone we grew to love – that we cared so much about! The flashbacks allowed us to view a piece of these characters lives apart from their time on the island. Ever since we started flashing forward, the individual characterization has been declining. By expanding into the future they’ve given us less of the story and more BS side-stories that simply tread water just to stay on the air longer. Boring.

5. ‘Lost’ simply got too far ahead of itself (behind? Meh, it’s already confusing and moot). The story has almost gotten out of their hands. I haven’t cared about anything that has happaned in the last 2 years. And that is not good.

6. And time-travel? Was that supposed to be a shock? A plot twist? We saw that coming from MILES away.

To sum this rant up, six years of ‘Lost’ is way, way too much. This story could’ve and should’ve been wrapped up in 4 seasons, 5 tops.

I know I’m alone on this, but I’m ready for it to END. Why do I still watch? Because I, unlike the show’s creators, still care about the core characters and what happens to them. Faraday, that other dude, Charlotte, anyone else involving a plane or freighter…those characters can piss off.

There is no question – this show is going to make television history. I’m just not sure if it’s going to be revolutionary, or the biggest letdown in the history of fictional storytelling.

And I’d love your thoughts. Comment away.


22 Responses to “‘Lost’ sucks. Let me tell you why.”

  1. So far, this season has been meh. Last year was good though. I’ll probably stick it out until the end, but my hearts not in it 😦

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  3. Well I must say. Please give me as much viewing time of evangeline lilly as possible. please.

    Also, fuck, if Lost wasn’t on tv right now. I literally wouldn’t watch a single television show. I am that out of touch with most television that Lost is the single show I have kept interest in, making sure to watch the day it airs.

    Reading your post also had me laughing because this season has already been answering (yes making new ones) but they seem like smaller questions than raised before atleast.

  4. Andy and I were discussing this last night. I feel like they are just making things up as they go along now. It doesn’t really make any sense.

  5. lost lost me when bonking someone on this head to knock them out became a 2x per episode event. yeah, it should have been 4 season show, but then again, look at the american office. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Agreed! The American Office has totally lost steam.

  7. Totally agree with you about Lost. My complaints with the show (coming from an ex-philosophy major) are a bit too long for one comment tray:


  8. formerExtra Says:

    Interest in the show keeps dropping and that will not turnaround. You still have the wild-eyed fanatics that watch the show, but they are mostly looking at “bods” and not much else. The storyline is not just crap, take a step back, and it’s downright embarrassing.

  9. Lost is awesome!

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  11. I also have hated this show since its airing though. My wife started watching it and when a child is born on a deserted island? Come on, I hate far fetched programming. Hugo is my least favorite of all. Even though I don’t watch it I can’t help but see it or know of him because she watched it, he started out as a fat ass, after 6 years he should be skinny by now. And he looks like a girl. Bottom line the plot goes round and round and on an on and they just get out of shit when it seems they won’t, who watches this far fetched horse shit. Probably the same women who got wet at the premiere of the twilight sequel.

  12. ar fetched bull shit. Hugo should be skinny by now. The only people who watch this show are women who got wet at the premiere of the twilight sequel. If this double posted sorry but I didn’t see it the first time

  13. This show lost me in season 1. (No pun intended) Why would some group (the others) just start swiping kids from a group of plane crash victims without explanation? I mean what could possibly be a ligitimate reason. Did they want money? No. Were they perverted pedophiles? No. The only explanation that was offered was that they would be better off. Umm, okay, why? Oh, we can’t tell you that. What a bunch of BS. Antagonists need to have an agenda, even if the characters don’t know what it is, the audience needs to. IMO, the writers are a bunch of screw ups. What are they teaching these college students nowadays anyway???

  14. Glassmoon Says:

    Hi there
    well, i´m sure my opinon won´t count but here it goes.
    I watching the 1º season now for the 1st time. I never got it why everyone was so crazy about it and, sadly, i still cant figure it out. It started ok, but now that i´m on the 5 ou 6 episode i´m starting to get bored of the constant flashbacks that, imo, dont bring anything to the actual story and to the present situation they´re living. It´s just fillers. The last episode i watched (confidence man) was incredible…nothing happened in the island. It was just flashbacks and the guy torturing the other based in nothing…If i were on an island, and had the suspition that there was a monster living there (not to mention the polar bear), that would be my main worrie, no?
    So my interest is growing thin and reading all this post doesn´t really help, cause judging by what i´ve seen so far, they´re all in some kind of purgatory after they all died in the crash. The flashbacks show that they could be in hell or heaven depending of how you look at them. Pretty obvious….hope i´m wrong. But, after 6 seasons, no one really knows…it´s waaaay too long just to tell a story

  15. Glassmoon – You’re definitely right about one thing – it’s way too long of a story to tell. At the end of season 2, the format does change a bit, and season 2 also offers more than s1 does, but I’ll keep this spoiler free for ya.

    The Flashbacks will make more sense to you as you get to know the characters a little more. Lost is more character-centric than plot-centric. Usually I love that type of format…but it really gets to a point where you just can’t stand the nothingness on the island anymore!

  16. what do they have left to explain?
    What convinced cindy to defect to the “others” and participate in their hostility against the crash survivors?
    why are the “others” so hostile to the crash survivors?
    why did they pretend to be primitive, even to the point of becoming skilled in the use of bolas? were they only practicing since they saw the plane crash?
    how did rousseau just magically get cured of being a paranoid schizophrenic?
    ethan why he kidnapped and killed people?
    How did kate avoid getting sent to prison for bank robbery?
    the capsule dump?
    why edward mars thinks 4 full size 9mms is a good set of weapons? i could see 2 and maybe a pocket .25 but 4 full frame 9s is more than redundant for a single person.
    by what method does linus expect godwin and ethan to make their lists?
    why doesn’t sawyer beat to death linus the first chance he gets?
    who made the dharma supply drop?
    why can’t people have kids on the island?
    why noone cares about that anymore when before it was a huge fucking deal?
    why linus insinuated to kate he was going to rape her?
    why linus lied to john about pressing the button when was still being held a prisoner and easily at risk of what ever might have happened and with full knowledge that horrible catastrophies can occur? don’t forget he has the controlroom for the monster in his house.
    how does the island generate inexhaustible wealth for “mitelos bioscience”?
    why didn’t the DI just set up a mechanism on the timer to press the button if it was so imperative?

    some of these are obviously just retcons but the others are legit questions that i really don’t see being answered and were things that were “The Mysteries” of the show. lost is just a tease. and endless cycle of introducing a new antagonist/mystery before resolving the previous.

  17. asadshame Says:

    “And I’d love your thoughts. Comment away.”

    If you are interested in sharing your thoughts with people who as original fans saw LOSTs degeneration coming even in mid-season 2, and are absolutely shocked how depressingly bad it has become, you could try a visit to


    (recently we are even read by LOSTs writer Damon ;-). Disappointingly he obviously learnt nothing from it)

  18. asadshame: i’ll definitely check that site out! I honestly think the show started in a place that is just TOO different and changed than the place it ended up. It’s like its a totally different show. and THATS disappointing.

    I also think this show’s story could’ve and should’ve been told in 4 seasons as opposed to 6. They totally could’ve trimmed 2 seasons’ worth of fat.


    OMG. I’m so glad I didn’t waste 7 years of my life watching this show and just sat in for the last hour of the season finale. A montage / dream sequence straight out of Gilligan’s Island and ZERO answers for any of the shows completely opaque and random plot lines.

    Wow, I’m still laughing at anyone who watched this show for years – no sympathy at all.

  20. […] no secret that I’ve been a tough critic of the show. I stand by the fact that Lost should have been 1-2 seasons shorter. I also don’t […]

  21. Love the article! I have linked to it in my new blog post, and used the awesome pic. I hope I can send many readers your way. Thanks.

  22. MynamesareAnonymous Says:

    I love J.J Abrams.I think he has talent.I don`t know if he is a smug person not to apologize for the fuck up that is Lost,but I know his latest films got some balls.Lost is so badly written and I`m a guy that can handle a good mind fuck.Lost is not mind fuck,it`s dumb suck and boring.Season 1 and 3 where very enjoyable.And my friend defends the series ending with his heart “It`s about the characters not so much the mystery and it had a character ending..”which I replied to “Fuck you and Lost is donkey balls…why should I care for stale characters who are dead from the beginning.” The Plot holes and consistency errors and logical theory problems are so big you can fit the Death star in them.It`s a series that hypes it self up on every second scene.Banal twist make it somewhat predictable.I loved the start of every character story in the beginning but it just went poopie-kak from season 3.
    Music plays a big part to build up tension for benign scenes as well.
    So many series use mediocre plots to drive their story and music and silly sound effects to create emotion in the audience it`s laughable.
    I only got two words for you.A series so genuine an d simple yet it build up like towering flesh of unpredictable violence just to crumple into pieces and spill it`s guts into the next season.It uses no grandiose expectations,no background music to tap into your emotions.Just well written plots,majestically life-like characters,incredible real settings and the audience takes from it something that stays and dwells for in their minds much longer than Charlie`s death.
    And it`s not nearly as over-hyped as lost yet it`s 100 times better…Any guesses?
    Yes , The Wire.

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