24: The following took place between 2pm and 3pm

Tonight’s episode wasn’t as good as last week’s previews made it seem, but we still had some pivotal action-packed sequences to tide us over until next week.

Like I said last week – the First Gentleman isn’t out of danger. Bad Guy #2 found Henry and is now transferring him over to Dubaku. Looks like Dubaku is going to have quite the leverage over Madam President. I imagine this will all unravel next time…

Bauer, Chloe, Bill, Tony, and Renee shut down Dubaku’s operation, destroying the CIP device and preventing the meltdown (meltdown?) at the Ohio chemical facility. (Kudos to the factory manager – he had zero hesitation to get in there and do the right thing! He totally pulled a Lynn McGill, except he didn’t suck royally). Janis Gold talked Mr. Manager through shutting down the factory’s contaminated valves.

Are you guys buying Janeane Garofalo? At first, I thought she kind of sucked, but now I’ve plateaued – I don’t love her but I don’t hate her. It does make me want to watch “Wet Hot American Summer” a hundred times though.

At the end of the episode, Jack and company decide they need more manpower – Matobo plans on calling the President and getting her involved. Next week, Bauer heads to the White House to seek President Taylor’s approval and support – minus Almeida, still a wanted man.

It feels like we’re near a mid-season twist. I feel it coming. Will Tony turn on them? When will it be? Will Dubaku kill Henry Taylor? What will the aftermath in Sangala be as a result of President Taylor’s steadfast decisions?

One sad thing I did realize tonight – The Bauer drinking game is pretty much dead. With CTU gone and the rules changed, there aren’t many “Dammits” and “CTUs” to drink to.

Bummer, dudes. Dammit, even.

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