F My Life

I’m adding this site to the blogroll: F My Life is a site where people post certain reasons as to why their lives suck more than yours.

For example:

“Today, my anatomy teacher was putting together a skeleton model for class. He had misplaced the leg bone, so I thoughtfully asked, “What’s the matter, lose a leg?” Unfortunately, there’s nothing thoughtful about asking that question to a guy with an amputated leg. FML”

and also:

“Today, I sent my best friend Mike the link to a porn site we were talking about at a party. Turns out the name “Mom” is right next to “Mike” in my contacts list. FML”

It’s hilarious, it’s a great way to burn some time, and it totally improves your self-esteem as you laugh at others. Check it.

(Thanks to the Car Man for the link)

2 Responses to “F My Life”

  1. Lol,hilarious site,thanks.

    ”Today, my phone rang for the first time in four days. It was my mom. She dialed the wrong number. FML”

    ”Today, my airline lost my luggage when I flew back from France. They also lost my luggage when I flew to France. FML”

  2. HA! Must check it out!

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