A Previous SWV singer is on Survivor!?

I just found this out! Taj from the 90’s R&B group SWV (Sisters with Voices) is a contestant on Survivor! Check out her bio here.  And enjoy this nostalgic SWV video for “Right Here.”

Shit is bananas, yo.

P.S. – She has no chance in hell at the million.

Oh, hell. While I’m at it I might as well through “Weak” up too haha

Again – no. fucking. chance.


3 Responses to “A Previous SWV singer is on Survivor!?”

  1. I love that song! Why do you say she has no chance of winning? You never know with this show. At last give it a few weeks to see what kind of a player she is (unless she’s gone by then!)

  2. i SUPPOSE you’re right =) But I wouldn’t put any money on her!

  3. […] yeah…I already have a shit-ton of money.” What are you doing!? When I heard the SWV member was on Survivor, I called her out as never having a shot in a million years at taking home the […]

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