’24’ – The following took place between 3pm and 4pm


Another slam-tastic episode! (Any haters out there still complaining about “24”: Sit down.)  Jack, Bill, Walker and Matobo finally got the chance to speak with President Taylor regarding the situation and the CIP device. When all was said and done, Taylor asked Jack how she knows she could trust him. His response was one of the most brilliant lines of dialogue this season, thus far:

“With all due respect Madam President: ask around.”  Rock.

So President Taylor is pickin’ up what Bauer is puttin’ down. And now we finally have Jack paired up with the new prez to start doing some good! Until one phone call worsens the president’s entire day: Dubaku has kidnapped the First Gentleman. Devastating.

Taylor stays strong. She asks herself: “How can I ask the American people to make sacrifices that I’m not willing to make myself? I can’t give in. I can’t.” Best president since Palmer? I think soooo….

Bauer promises to help out Madam President, but only has til 4pm to find him before Dubaku kills him (this season moves so fast!). In order to get the job done, Renee has to call Larry Moss and bring him in. She trusts him and can help him with uber-FBI technology to track down any links between Dubaku and someone on the inside. They find the name of some henchman guy and go to work: Renee heads to the man’s house to threaten his family, while Jack tracks down the man himself. By threatening the man’s family, Jack gets Dubaku’s whereabouts and him and Walker run off to save the President’s man candy.

How badass was Renee Walker bustin’ in and threatening the family at gunpoint! Awesome. Renee’s Bauer-like tactics are the only reason they eventually found Henry Taylor, and the only reason they were able to act as quickly as they did. Renee is quickly climbing my list of Favorite Characters Ever. Even though her heart was hurting (her eyes showed it), we still know she would’ve done anything in order to get the information they needed. Just the type of partner Bauer needs.

Bauer/Walker shoot up the place where Taylor is being held, kill most of the unimportant baddies – but alas! – Taylor is shot in the chest as one of the henchmen falls dead on the floor. Pan out – split-screen – fade to black – boop – beep.


I doubt that Henry Taylor is dead. If he dies, there’s no one left to expose the controversy and tell the President the information about her dead son. I predict Mr. Taylor will still play an important part in today’s events.

No Chloe and Tony make Nick a dull boy.

This season rocks.

Thanks for reading. GOODNIGHT, CLEVELAND!

2 Responses to “’24’ – The following took place between 3pm and 4pm”

  1. yesssss this season is so good!! Is this how I reply?


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