Set those DVRs!

Premiering this week:


SURVIVOR TOCANTINS!  CBS, 8pm! Don’t miss it! Recapping will be aplenty!


Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles returns at 8pm on FOX! That’s all fine and dandy. But also:

D O L L H O U S E. 9pm, FOX.


Please. For the love of God. WATCH THIS SHOW. Especially if you are a Nielsen family (and keep in mind Nielsen families: Ratings will only be tallied for DVR viewings within 24 hours! Watch. Dollhouse. ASAP. Dammit.)

Go, team! Set those DVRs!


4 Responses to “Set those DVRs!”

  1. Haha,I love how obsessed you are with Dollhouse. Hope the ratings for it are through the roof. 😉

  2. Just doing my best to spread the good word! =)

  3. IM SO PUMPED FOR SURVIVOR! WOOOOO! I honestly wish I never stopped watching after marquesas so that I didnt miss any seasons!

    Seasons I haven’t seen: Thailand, Amazon, Guatemala, Cook Islands, Fiji, and Panama. From what I hear, they weren’t that great though…

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