‘Friday the 13th’ Remake – I actually liked it…a lot!

Dare I say it…I might’ve loved it! Ok, so run off to Rotten Tomatoes and check out the movie’s 25% fresh rating and come back here and talk shit about remakes and the Friday series. But honestly, critics are not the ones to look to for Horror reviews dammit! So fuck what they say. The new “Friday” was awesome and here’s why. (Lest ye fear not the spoilers):

1. Jason was a badass. He was huge, scary, intimidating, and downright brutal. For the first time in a long time, Jason seemed scary again, for all intents and purposes. This is no “Freddy Vs. Jason.” We aren’t really cheering for him this time around. He’s back to being the villain. And we aren’t laughing like we were in Manhattan.

2. The characters were actually really likeable! Funny dialogue, good backstories, likeable all around! The acting…not so terrible either! (Shoutout to Ryan Hansen from “Veronica Mars”! Dick Casablancas in the house – WHAT UP!?)

3. The new “Friday” kept the spirit of the 80’s slasher (unlike Mr. Zombie’s loose interpretation of “Halloween”). Plenty of boobs, plenty of drug jokes and references, a few laughs, etc. Although it felt modern in its action/gore/death, the feel of the film was slasherific. Rad.

4. The gore was delicious. There were a lot of really, really good death scenes. I promised to not spoil; I’m moving on.

5. The movie did a good job of encompassing essences of the first 3 movies of the original series. We see Jason’s mother briefly in the opening credits and we see how Jason is affected by her later in the movie, we see Jason without a mask a la Part 2, and we see how Jason eventually finds his mark, like Part 3. “Friday the 13th” 2009-style stayed as true to the series as it could. Again – unlike Zombie’s “Halloween”.

Is this enough? Can I stop now? Are you sold yet? If you’re a true Jason or “Friday” fan, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy this movie. Get over the remake bullshit – remakes are happening whether we like it or not. Go see it, and have fun.


3 Responses to “‘Friday the 13th’ Remake – I actually liked it…a lot!”

  1. slutnugget Says:

    AND Jason runs!! whhhaaaaat

  2. This movie was a akin to the literary classic, Count Suckula. It made me wish I had an asp to take with me to the bathroom on my mid movie escape. At least that way I could have left this world honorably like Cleopatra, rather than have to end it all now via pills after the shame of having spent money on a viewing caught up with me.


    Bacchus – 1
    Nick – 0 haha

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