’24’: The following took place between 4pm and 5pm


The mole has been exposed! That snakey little weasel Sean was shown talking to the baddies on his work phone! I really was convinced that the mole would be the President’s right hand man Ethan. Then, Curtis’s dad talked me into thinking it was Janis – but alas! We were all WRONG.

So the episode begins with Jack and Renee attending to the shot Mr. Taylor. Taylor gets rushed to the hospital, alive but comatose, while the President rushes to be beside her man. She instructs Buchanan to find her daughter. (They have a DAUGHTER!? whaaaa?) So Prez Taylor chills at the hospital, while Bill goes and makes that happen. “Do you have someone you can trust?” she asks Bill. “I know a guy.” And then BAM:


Glenn Morshower returns as AGENT AARON PIERCE. Fuck. Yes. I cheered when I saw his name in the credits. Yes, I did catch that. Pierce goes and retrieves the Taylors’ daughter who only seems interested in leaving when hearing about her dad’s bullet wound. I hope Pierce sticks around. And I hope they don’t kill him. Ever. Because I LOVE GLENNMORSHOWER. Thank you. Moving on…

Jack and Walker locate the whereabouts of Dubaku’s girlfriend. Or love toy. Or whoever the hell she is. For once, it’s kind of nice to see the stupid, family-gets-in-the-way B-story on the terrorist’s side for once, right? Thank God Janis doesn’t have an annoying step-sister’s cousin who keeps calling her because she needs drug money. Or that Larry Moss’s ex-wife isn’t flipping out because of her Dissociative Identity Disorder. We’ve seen some prettttty bad things on “24”! But hey! It’s Dubaku with the drama this time ’round!

In a classic “24” move – Bauer convinces whats-her-name to go undercover with Dubaku to “leave the country.” Bauer and Walker will then follow her and never be more than a mile away from her at all times. She agrees. Rosa, the sister, whines from her wheelchair. Again.

And here is where the MOLE stikes. As Chloe helps Bauer and Walker track whats-her-name and Dubaku, Sean intercepts the signal and has coppers surround Bauer. Bauer is then put in cuffs for like the 16th time in the series thus far. Dubaku is escaping with his gf, Bauer and Walker are in custody, and Sean grimaces and smirks from his desk. DUN DUN DUNNNN

And oh yeah – Morris came back. No one cared.

Who here thinks Janis is going to get tortured? She asked Sean to borrow his scrambler-ma-jig in order to try to find out what Chloe was A) doing on the premises and B) hacking through. Will Moss think that Ms. Gold is the mole? Will she be tortured? Will Jack whoop some fucking ass next week?


Lastly…WHERE IS TONY ALMEIDA. My prediction: Tony told Jack the CIP devise was destroyed. I think he has it. I think it works. I think he’s going to turn bad and use it.

Thoughts? Comments? Grudges? Leave ’em..


One Response to “’24’: The following took place between 4pm and 5pm”

  1. if tony turns bad i will cry. they can’t keep doing this to me! alive, dead, alive, bad, good, mia..

    but all in all another great episode!

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