New CKY album “Carver City” drops May 19

So there’s a new CKY album coming. I was debating whether to write about it or not. In high school, I loved CKY (and note: the band, not Bam Margera’s little fag fest). “Volume 1” and “Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild” were solid rock records that never compromised the music for corporate acclaim.  CKY were building from the ground up and doing it completely on their own terms. There’s something to it. In a world of sellouts, CKY were commendable for their grassroots approach (albeit – being signed to a major label).

Then came 2005’s “An Answer Can Be Found” – an album that couldn’t have sucked harder. It was a terrible cacophony of jumbled sounds and mixed up melodies. A total mess. The band’s contract with Island ended, and I really thought that would be it.

With the forth-coming (and fourth!) album hitting stores in May, I’ve decided I’m not going to totally turn my back – yet. No band can hit a home-run every time at the plate. That said, however, CKY definitely can’t afford to strike out again.

Hope this one’s killer.

Check this bee…

“96 Quite Bitter Beings”

“Flesh Into Gear”

“Disengage the Simulator”


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