A fellow fan calls out some Bauer bullshit

I received this email from a disgruntled friend/fellow “24” fan re: last night’s 2 hour event. Note: He is a die-hard fan who never has anything bad to say about Jack Bauer or “24”.  Enjoy:


“Dear friends of 24, I have never been more disappointed with a 2 hour event. Nick, sorry I’m not texting you back but there arent enough characters in a text to get this across.
Of all the things that 24 has you believe, all the things that we know would never happen, but just accept cuz its Bauer, this is the worst. 12-15 armed men break into the white house and take the President hostage. CMON!
First of all is the White House within 100 feet of water? Cuz thats what it seemed like. I honestly dont know, I dont think it is, but could be wrong. Second of all how bout that wall they broke thru, made of patchy bricks, Im sure that exists. If there is a sewer thing that lead to this brick wall, Im sure its backed up by multiple armed people.
Next when they made it into that heavily secured room, HOW DID THEY 5 SECONDS LATER MAKE IT TO THE FLOOR OF THE WHITE HOUSE!?!!??! once again, no gaurds? Im sure they could have been killed off camera, so ill let it go.
Where was the army, or national gaurd, you know they guys you ALWAYS see with heavy machine guns at the white house? Now its just SS with handguns (Editor’s Note:  HAHAHAHAHA).
Now onto the text I sent you, Im sure, 100% positive that the second DC becomes the target of a terrorist attack, that the president is moved to the underground bunker. I know these guys came from underground, but Im guessing all the heavy armed guards were probably down at the bunker when 15 guys took over the white house.  INSANE! FOR 30 MINUTES THEY KNEW IT WAS DC AND DID NOTHING WITH THE PRESIDENT, NOTHING!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Back to the water way, if that exists, how many coast gaurd ships are patroling it?  did they not see the large boat with bright lights and investigate?
I know im kinda knitpicking now, but this is worse than believing there is a magic potion that keeps 24 characters alive, I can believe that (prbly cuz I have a special place in my heart for Tony). I could believe Jack could be high on heroin one hour and capping bad guys the next. But break into the white house? get off of it. (Editor’s Note Again:  BAAAAHAHAHAHA).
I honestly feel like they insulted our intelligence.  Too much BS, not enough Tony.
I do see the pres. daughter being killed and Jack reaching out to Kim. I do like the fact that now there is another storyline with this shipment, which means the white house thing will end soon, which is good.
This was well on its way to being one of the best seasons yet….now, its pushing season 6, simply because its the most unbelieveable thing Ive ever seen….whats next Jack takes on martians and stops them from destroying the sun?
We just wasted two hours of our lives”
How. Hysterical. Thanks, Gordy, for the insight and comments!
Does anyone else agree? Did you have a hard time enjoying the last 2 hours of Bauer?
An official recap/review to follow…

One Response to “A fellow fan calls out some Bauer bullshit”

  1. When he prayed with a Muslim he lost my interest. “Jack Bauer” and “24” and Keifer Sutherland. Major fuck up.

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