***Spoiler from last night’s “24”***

You’ve been warned!



R.I.P. Bill Buchanan.

Bill Buchanan was the former Special Agent in Charge of CTU Los Angeles. Before taking command of the LA CTU, he was a Regional Division Director at CTU. He was initially sent to CTU Los Angeles by Division Command to oversee the exchange of Jack Bauer for Behrooz Araz in Day 4. When Michelle Dessler resigned as Director of CTU at the end of Day 4, Buchanan took permanent command of CTU. He was forced to step down in Day 6. During Day 7, he was working covertly with Chloe O’Brian and Tony Almeida to uncover a conspiracy within the United States government to aid African dictator General Benjamin Juma. During Juma’s attack on the White House, Bill sacrificed himself by creating an explosion that destroyed most of the attack force and allowed the FBI to retake the White House and save President Allison Taylor.

Rest in peace, Bill buddy. You served CTU, your country, and Madam President well. You were a good friend and ally to Jack, and therefore, was a good friend and ally to us – your faithful viewers. WE WILL MISS YOU. Although you are no longer with us, you will always remain in our hearts. May you join Michelle, David Palmer, Edgar, and many others in that big “24” heaven in the sky.

If anyone would like to say any kind words about Mr. Buchanan, please feel free to do so in the comments section. Thank you.

One Response to “***Spoiler from last night’s “24”***”

  1. I’ll miss you Bill! This is the second time that Jack’s signed up for a suicide mission and someones stepped in to take his place, but why Bill?

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