I hope the smoke monster kills every character whose name isn’t Hurley

Another episode of “Lost” and another attempt at trying not to fall asleep.

OMG! Ben as a child! Shocker! WE ALREADY FUCKING SAW THAT. Who cares.

Sawyer is good, but kind of bad, and now we can have like twelve different love triangles! Lame. (Don’t even get me started on how much I could care less about who Sawyer or Kate or Jack end up with.)

Sayid is going to die! Makes sense – the show kills all of its best characters all of the time (Charlie, Ana Lucia, Claire – who might as well be dead since she’s conveniently not on the show at all this season).

I hate this show. No, I loathe this show now.

Wake me up next year, around this time. Maybe by then when the show is ending something will fucking happen.



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