Me likey the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs: ‘It’s Blitz!’ is bliss

The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album “It’s Blitz” has been released, and The Littlest Winslow gives it two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

If you’re not into YYY by now, I’m not sure if you ever will be. Karen O’s screeching, in your face approach, backed with Nick Zinner’s sometimes grungey/sometimes industrial guitar playing makes for quirky and acquired listening. If you get it, you get it. If not, these are a few reasons that might stop listeners at the door. But I assure you – “It’s Blitz!” is golden.

Three albums deep by now, the YYY definitely change their colors with each release. “Fever To Tell” was very upbeat and A.D.D., while “Show Your Bones” slowed the music down a bit, but kept the YYY edge. With “It’s Blitz!” the band touches upon many 80’s sounds and New Wave, and adds in piano, a cello, and a sax to round out the tunes. Definitely different territory for the band. (Note: Greg Kurstin of Geggy Tah and The Bird and the Bee appears on “Runaway” playing the piano!)

I admit – I don’t understand everything that this band does (“Dragon Queen” has me thrown) but everything they do is so interesting and so intriguing.

Check out my faves. Hear for yourself.


Heads Will Roll

Dull Life

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