New Bif Naked – Fuck You 2

I’m fucking diggin‘ it, man! It has an old school doo-wop  vibe, blended with Bif’s punk fuck you attitude. Itsa niiiice! (That’s the online/textual version of my Borat impression. I’ve been watching a lot of Da Ali G show lately…)

Check out her MySpace page for a few more new tracks as well. “Sick” is on her player and it’s rockin’! (Quite possibly even better than “Fuck You 2”!) So far, I like all the new tracks I’ve heard better than anything off of “Superbeautifulmonster”.

You can pre-order the new album, “The Promise” from the Bif Naked Store. Otherwise, the new CD hits stores and the web May 5th. (If you pre-order, your disc comes signed, and you get a sweet Bif Naked Media Bundle as an immediate download after your transaction. Dooo itttt).


One Response to “New Bif Naked – Fuck You 2”

  1. Thoughts:

    1. I think you dig this because it sounds just like a No Doubt Song.

    2. How much do you think she regrets getting all tatted up like that. So sad.

    3. She has a nice voice and a buff bod! Maybe she should change her name to Buff Naked.

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