New Dan Brown/Robert Langdon book hits stores this Sept


Anyone care?

I do. I care. Although I’m not gettin’ all Harry Potter on this thing, I enjoy the Robert Langdon stories. I read “Angels and Demons” (before reading “Da Vinci”) while in Rome and I found it fascinating to be reading about all the places I was seeing every day. “Angels” was definitely the better book: entirely more gripping and action packed.

Although Dan Brown often takes heat for not being accurate enough, or for being too controversial with the Catholic Church (coughcoughITS-FUCKING-FICTIONcough…), I dig his style. Even Ron Howard is starting to take some of the heat off Brown’s back. (Read Catholic League president William Donohue’s diatribe against Howard, and also read Howard’s response!). Can you say “blown out of proportion”?

I even liked “Deception Point” (which I’d totally recommend for light, fast-paced summer reading). I’m a Dan-Fan. And I’m OK with it.

The new book, “The Lost Symbol,” will show its face this September and hopefully will create just as big of a splash.

The “Angels and Demons” movie, directed by Ron Howard hits theaters May 15th.


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  1. Nick, you’re great.

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