A “Drop Dead Fred” remake? Really!?


Yeah…you probably don’t even remember this movie, so allow me to spark your memory:

For some god forsaken reason, Universal has decided to remake “Drop Dead Fred,” and this time around, Fred will be portrayed by Russell Brand.


Like seriously…who wakes up one morning and says, “Yanno what movie I’d like to see a remake of? Why, DROP DEAD FRED, of course!”

And what kind of studio exec even begins that discussion!  “Hey guys, I’ve got a really good idea! Why don’t we do a re-imagining of Drop Dead Fred!”

I honestly can’t think of a worse movie to remake. This has to be the most retarded news I’ve heard since the Candyland movie. Oh wait, that’s being done by Universal too!

Some bitches need to be FIRED. Like asap.


3 Responses to “A “Drop Dead Fred” remake? Really!?”

  1. Russell Brand and Drop Dead Fred. Two reasons why I will not see this movie.

  2. I totally remember this movie, I LOVE this movie, I own this movie. Why would they remake this? It wasn’t even that popular when it first came out. Can’t anyone come up with a new idea?

  3. Rusell Brand is perfect for this role.

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