Popeye’s runs out of chicken…

and the world apparently ends!

Why can’t these people like, yanno….go somewhere else? Surely there’s a McDonald’s or a Burger King nearby. Or maybe they can go to one of these other places. They’re like, huge market-types of stores…and they usually sell food of all kinds.

LOL at the angry lady who was yelling at NOBODY:  “You mean to tell me that we can’t feed our kids!?” No, actually maam, you can just fucking GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Like the aforementioned McDonald’s. Clearly, nutrition is your first concern when it comes to your children…

Honorable mention to the older guy who said: “Well that’s bad, cuz I’m sure hungry!”

Then there’s the guy who’s on the phone with customer service to find out where the next Popeye’s location is. HAHAHA

It’s the kind of YouTube video that just keeps on giving. So go ahead and watch it again.

And again.

(Props to D1 for the link!)


One Response to “Popeye’s runs out of chicken…”

  1. How do you think I feel! We don’t even HAVE Popeye’s here! At least the chicken will be there tomorrow for them.

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