‘Dollhouse’ RENEWED!


I really, really, reeeeally didn’t think this was going to happen, but Fox has renewed Dollhouse for a 13-episode 2nd season!

I’m so excited. Beyond, even. In the season’s second half, crazy shit went down – huge reveals and quite a few twists and turns. The finale was stellar, the cast is coming into their own, the characters are constantly surprising us – what else could a viewer ask for.


Now let’s just hope we can get the show moved to a Mon-Thurs timeslot…


3 Responses to “‘Dollhouse’ RENEWED!”

  1. doooom! Says:

    We were behind on Dollhouse so I didn’t respond to your text. We just finished last night. Aaah! Alan was excellent.

    I still don’t think it’s the best show but I’m definitely invested.

  2. Dude, where’s our “Final thoughts on this Season of Survivor” bog?

  3. etbcoop Says:

    The question with Dollhouse? Will it build on its very small audience. 2.5million viewers for season final. By any standard thats pretty low. Im glad it was renewed as I love sci-fi and the show. Eliza Dushku has to be one of the most appealing actresses on TV. I also really liked Tru Calling.



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