Survivor Tocantins: Thank God that’s over

So why haven’t I been keeping up with my weekly Survivor blogs? Basically, because this season has sucked from the start and because I quickly started falling asleep, even after the merge. (Whoever casted this group of Survivors should be fired!). Since I began rewatching the show (China), this has definitely been the worst season yet. But alas – let’s take one final look at Tocantins, and then kiss it to hell and pray Samoa kills it.

So, JT wins the million. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, and I’m not saying that I don’t like him – it was just a boring win to watch. Everyone knew from the start of the merge that JT was going to win, but all the castaways just kissed his ass! WHY DIDN’T THEY VOTE HIM OUT!? I think it was Taj that said at the reunion that everyone just liked JT so much that it was never a thought in their minds to vote him out. Well guys – that’s why he’s $1,000,000 richer and you are left with n o t h i n g. Had I been out there, I would’ve been gunning for JT from the moment he came over to merge. Timbira – you really are the stupidest tribe. Ever. In the history of the game. And damn, that’s a lot of seasons and tribes to suck more than.

Sierra had tried. Now, I’m a Sierra fan, but I know not everyone is. She tried to reunite the Timbiras, but Coach was too busy slaying dragons, being “honorable” (quotes necessary), and being a total, utter douchebag. Had Coach gotten over his ego and listened to Sierra, maybe Coach and Debbie could’ve been final 2. Now that is something worth staying awake for.

Stephen. I’ve never seen someone blow it that bad since Amanda. Your foot was in your mouth the entire time! It was incredibly painful to watch, partly because you had no idea what you were even saying, and partly because JT was going to win anyways. Again: BOOOOORINGGGG.

And Taj. I liked her from the beginning (she was even in my Final Four for my Survivor pool). If JT wanted to take the Coach route and be at the top with the best then WHY did they vote Taj out before Erinn? Oh wait – because they had no idea what kind of game they were going for. Stephen and JT must’ve secretly been thinking about voting each other out because they wanted to consider taking Erinn with them to the Final 2. I’m a Taj fan, so I’ll try to argue this forever, even if it doesn’t even make any sense. Taj should’ve been final 3.

So yeah – what else is there? Even though I like to hate on Coach a bit (read: a LOT!), he was one of the most interesting cast members we’ve seen in awhile. I generally like him, but it’s just so easy to give him shit!

Next season: Survivor heads to Samoa! Let’s all hope it gets vicioussssss.


2 Responses to “Survivor Tocantins: Thank God that’s over”

  1. All I can say is that I really enjoyed this season!

  2. I think my high expectations got the best of me.

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