Set those DVRs: Weeds and Nurse Jackie

Weeds. Oh, Weeds, Weeds, Weeds. Even though you totally jumped the shark, I’ll still watch ya. Why? Because I’m hoping Nancy stops being a total screw-up and starts being a better mother. Because I want to see what kind of antics Doug will get himself into next.

Because, well, its summer. And nothing better is on.

Weeds Season 5 premieres Monday June 8, at 10p.m. on Showtime (the premium channel that fucking rocks for TV now!)

And following this premiere is the Series Premiere of Nurse Jackie, a new comedy starring Edie Falco. It’s another dark comedy by Showtime that’s sure to deliver. And they say it’s “wicked, heartbreaking, and funny,” too.

But seriously – ya had me at “Edie Falco.”


2 Responses to “Set those DVRs: Weeds and Nurse Jackie”

  1. Missed Nurse Jackie; Any good?

  2. Premieres on the 8th…

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