Sam Raimi is a 94% Fresh badass


I must admit, when I first saw the trailer for the new horror flick “Drag Me To Hell” I didn’t really care. It kinda looked like a stupid American version of some Japanese bullshit that’s already been forced down our throats a hundred times already.

But then I found out it was directed by horror icon and legend Sam Raimi. Who better to save the genre than Raimi? (Sorry, Zombie fans)

Then I heard that the movie was 94% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. 94 fucking percent!? Niiiice. For a horror movie, that’s like eleventy-million-bajillion percent fresh. That’s like, immeasurably awesome given the genre.

Horror + Raimi + killer reviews = my ass being SOLD.

I sadly can’t even remember the last time a horror movie rocked. Oh wait, yes I can. “The Descent.” But that was 3 years ago. Horror fans everywhere are due and hopefully Raimi will deliver.


3 Responses to “Sam Raimi is a 94% Fresh badass”

  1. Yeah but it’s only rated PG-13 or whatever, how bad ass could it be?

  2. Yeah…the rating sucks (and is most likely a studio decision), but I’m still holding out hope for it! All the reviews I’ve read are raving about it!

  3. doooom! Says:

    I saw this last night! When you get a chance to see it let me knooooow!

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