Michael Jackson dead at 50

TMZ is reporting that the King of Pop died after being rushed to the hospital with cardiac arrest. MJ wasn’t breathing when medics arrived and apparently, they weren’t able to revive him.

Click here for more information. If TMZ is wrong on this…they’re totally effed. And if they’re right…it’s incredibly sad.

*Edit* Local Connecticut ABC affiliate confirms.

*Edit again* CNN is reporting he’s in a Coma.

*Edit* CBS and LA Times reporting that he is indeed dead.

CNN fucking SUCKS by the way. Instead of CONFIRMING this news, they’re just playing clips of his music and videos.

Way to stall, CNN.

I wasn’t a huge Michael Jackson fan, though I generally like some of his music. At the end of this sad, sad day, his musical legacy remains at the forefront and is simply undeniable. No matter what anyone says about him, his court proceedings, his personal life, etc, Michael Jackson was loved by billions of people. He reached across multiple cultures and countries, and was often one of the few common links between them.  In a world full of war, hate, death and disease, it’s really sad when some of the little light we have is snuffed out. He brought so much happiness to so many people and for that reason, today is surely a dark one.  R.I.P. MJJ.


One Response to “Michael Jackson dead at 50”

  1. I am sad that he had to fall so very far from the dynamic and gifted performer that he was during and pre-Thriller, to become so publicly reviled before dying senselessly. Very sad and a huge tragedy/waste of what could have been. Rest in piece, Michael.

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