Louis C.K. joins the cast of ‘Parks and Recreations’


EW reports that comedian Louis C.K. is set to star in the second season of Amy Poehler’s mediocre “Parks and Recreations.” According to Variety, Louis C. K. “will portray a Pawnee police officer and potential love interest for the character played by star Amy Poehler. Louis will first appear in the second episode of the Parks season and appear in several segments thereafter.”

I think I’m fair in my assessment when I deem “Parks” mediocre. It struggled in the beginning by following “The Office” a little too closely, but it found some voice and originality in the last few episodes. The cast is great: Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Aziz Ansari, for starters. The writing and plotlines can be pushed a little more, however. It’s funny, but definitely not up to par with other network comedies such as “Arrested Development” or even “The Office.”  The addition of Louis C.K.? Enough to keep me tuned in.

Congratulations on buying some time, “Parks.”


One Response to “Louis C.K. joins the cast of ‘Parks and Recreations’”

  1. He is kind of funny.

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