Halloween 3D: It just doesn’t stop

CONFESSION: I still didn’t see Halloween 2 yet.

Part of the 15-year-old slasher fan in me dies with every day that passes. Why have I not seen it? Cuz the first remake just wasn’t that fuckin’ great to begin with. (And Quentin Tarantino released a movie around the same time, soooo yea, Rob Zombie – you [temporarily] lose!)

With H2’s meager box office intake ($16.5 mil), and with the loss to The Final Destination 3D in mind, the Weinstein Company has still decided to make another Halloween movie! (Why must they continue to drag Michael Myers in the dirt? Ok, ok…more on that after I actually see the sequel..) Alas! – Halloween 3D is hitting theaters Summer 2010 – without Zombie’s direction. The studio is in talks with a few new directors.

You know me – I wished they considered one of the following options: 1) Continue telling the original story. Zombie could’ve still been apart of it and a revamped Michael Myers still could’ve been introduced to a new audience. 2) They should’ve never made Halloween: Resurrection. Had Michael truly been decapitated in H20, I feel that this bitter pill would be easier to swallow. Since he wasn’t…I revert back to my first point.

Halloween 3D. A “Nightmare” remake. Zombie’s working on a “Blob” update. It just keeps getting more depressing.

The sad part? I’m one of the tools that will keep going to see them.


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