The Snuggie Sutra

Have you guys seen this shit yet? It’s absolutely insane.

The Snuggie Sutra is the Kama Sutra of Snuggie’s. To give you a sneak peak into its absurdity, I offer a few examples:

The Yes Ma’am


The woman wears the Snuggie on her back and keeps her partner warm. Perfect for hiding your flaws when you are doing it on a park bench or subway grate.

The Tablecloth


She lies on the table. He wears the Snuggie on his front while the bottom end covers her. It’s just not a holiday without stuffing.

And there’s plenty more where that came from! Check out The Snuggie Sutra for more ideas and ways to make your Snuggie that much more special.

(Thanks to the Car Man for the link!)


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