Megan’s body, way better than ‘Jennifer’s’


I’m saddened to report back re: Diablo Cody’s latest horror-lite fare – I’m slightly disappointed. Though Megan (and Amanda too!) is easy on the eyes, even Megan’s body couldn’t fully save what should have been a riskier, scarier, and waaay more campy film.

Jennifer is your classic high school bitch kept in check by her dorkier, down to earth BFF Needy (Seyfried). Friends since the sandbox, the girls go out to the only bar in their small town of Devil’s Kettle, which as it turns out isn’t just a clever name!  They check out a band, Low Shoulder, who then proceed to offer Jennifer’s body to Satan in order to sell their souls for fame.

That’s ‘Jennifer’s Body’ in a nutshell. It had a great cast (‘Veronica Mars’ alum Kyle Gallner and Adam Brody support), and a brilliant premise that I was banking Cody to bring home. It just didn’t go where I was expecting. We’ve all seen the trailer! Look at the awesome potential! :



Bloody. Disgusting. Kinda creepy. But ‘Jennifer’s Body’ stopped at “kinda” in more ways than one. The movie failed to go that extra mile necessary for Camp Gold. You’ve already got a campy story, why not run with it! The references/Diablo-dialogue was there, but even that could’ve been more excessive. Why hold back? Why not show Jennifer in full beastie form? Why not show more blood and carnage? The movie already had the R rating and definitely should’ve pushed the envelope more instead of simply relying on Megan Fox to fill seats.

I didn’t hate it, but a DVD viewing could’ve totally sufficed.

Sorry, Diablo. I still love you though.


5 Responses to “Megan’s body, way better than ‘Jennifer’s’”

  1. …and she took the film’s title from one of the few good Hole songs written by Courtney’s dead husband. So clever.

  2. I was totally expecting the song “Jennifer’s Body” to be played in the credits but they played “Violet” instead. Maybe a studio decision? That said – I believe Cody is a Hole fan – her Twitter has been quite Hole-centric since the movie came out.

  3. […] to Jennifer’s Body… As I said, the film is pretty dumb. But it’s also fucking dark. Even darker if you mentally filter out some of the more torturous jokes and the […]

  4. i love the dark hair of Megan Fox, it really makes her look very very sexy .

  5. Megan Fox is the sexiest actress that i have seen, i love the dark hair and seductive eyes -:;

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