Muse – ‘The Resistance’

I love Muse, but I only like “The Resistance,” the latest LP from the paranoid and synth-y Brit rockers.

Here’s the breakdown: Lead single “Uprising” is a quality tune, but sounds exactly like something off of “Absolution” or “Black Holes.” It’s the same old, same old, when really they should be leading with a ferocious new approach.

Tracks 2 and 3, “Resistance” and “Undisclosed Desires” are exceptionally amazing and other positive adjectives too! The album truly begins here with a good chemistry of classic Muse sounds and additional synths, while exploding with 80’s rhythms. Another favorite, Track 8’s “I Belong To You” is definitely way more complex than normal Muse fare. Pianos are everywhere with a steady hand-clappable beat served on the side. There’s a sweet, almost theatrical breakdown in the middle that segues back into the upbeat clappin’ and stompin’.

“I Belong To You” is the perfect precursor for Muse’s three-part symphony which begins immediately after: “Exogenesis: Part 1 (Overture)”, “Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)”, and “Part 3 (Redemption)”.  The symphony tracks are definitely commendable, but the liklihood of listening to this album start to finish is rather diminished. And that’s not even adding in the fact that tracks 5-7 fall off the face of the earth leaving a gaping hole in the album’s flow.

My high expectations of “The Resistance” + said gaping hole = like. I like the new Muse record. Though they definitely tried new things with the symphony tracks, “Undisclosed,” and “I Belong To You,” the rest of the record play out just like the last few Muse albums: predictable and safe, but solid. I almost would’ve prefered an entire symphony album. Now that would be ballsy!

Have we heard all that Muse has to offer after just 5 albums? I’m leaning towards ‘yes.’ But this album is still worth the 10 bones.


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  1. I like the pretty colors

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