‘Paranormal Activity,’ the new ‘Blair Witch’?

With all the buzz surrounding this year’s highly anticipated horror flick, ‘Paranormal Activity’, we have to wonder: Will this movie create a Blair Witch-like phenomenon? And does it actually deliver the scares?

The movie surrounds a couple, Katie and Micah, who believes their house is haunted by an unwanted presence. The entire movie then unfolds via cameras set up by the couple to catch hard evidence of their ghastly paranormal visitors.

Made for only $11,000, if ‘Paranormal’ hits it big, it could very well be the most lucrative film we’ve seen since ‘Blair Witch’.

The movie currently has a limited release, but may release nationwide if buzz (and ticket sales!) continues. Check out the trailer below.

Demand ‘Paranormal Activity’ in your area now!

*edit* Word on the street is that this movie is opening nationwide on FRIDAY! Check local listings for more info!


One Response to “‘Paranormal Activity,’ the new ‘Blair Witch’?”

  1. It does look like it could be genuinely scary, as compared to The Blair Witch Project, which completely sucked and was not scary in anyway.

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