R.I.P. Dollhouse


It’s official: Fox has cancelled Dollhouse in the middle of its second season. TEAR

Fox will, however, air the rest of the 13 episodes of the season. The schedule is as follows:

12/4 2 episodes from 8p-10p
12/11 2 episodes from 8p-10p
12/18 2 episodes from 8p-10p
1/8 1 ep @9pm
1/15 1 ep @9pm
1/22 1 ep @9pm (series finale)

Whedon’s stories do tend to continue in comic book form. Both Buffy and Angel have continued telling their story in graphic novels. Maybe Dollhouse will join them?

A fan can dream.

2 Responses to “R.I.P. Dollhouse”

  1. Really sad to hear the news. And from the sound of it, the series was only about to get better and crazier — with the added bonus of Summer back on t.v., and back in a Whedon show. But, I’m glad for the incredible run that it did have.

  2. I agree – ratings were low. This time around, we can’t blame Fox. It was definitely a warranted cancellation.

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