‘Raditude’ is the best album title ever.

weezer 12x12cs3.indd

Well, that’s being a little facetious, isn’t it? Ok, ok. It’s not the best, but damn it’s smooth.

Reviews are mixed on this bad boy, but I’m hear to dispel all of your fears, and calm your Weez-ing worries.

Let’s get this straight: This album is not “The Red Album.” I repeat: Not “The Red Album”. What made the former CD so great was that it was reminiscent of Weezer heyday, while still dipping toes into new territory. And it worked. “Raditude” is a totally different beast, and (dare I say it?) maybe even an extension off of 2005’s “Make Believe.” I know what you’re thinking, but this ain’t no “Beverly Hills” shit.

“Raditude” is exactly what you would expect from a Weezer record: Simple and fun, with phenomenol hooks. It’s a bit mainstream, but what this album’s critics curiously don’t understand is that Weezer have always been mainstream! Thinking otherwise is absurd.

That said, the new single is such a poor frontrunner. “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To)” doesn’t really do it for me. It’s a little plain, mega repetitive, and way too long to type. But on the second track, “I’m Your Daddy,” we’re comforted by the same Rivers Cuomo who’s always been around: A sleek-geek rocker who’s still unsure and uncomfortable around the ladies. And damn does that make a killer pop song or two.

“Can’t Stop Partying” is sure to catch like a rapid forest fire. Or maybe an unwanted STD of some sort – You can try to fight it, but it’s become a part of you that you can’t escape. Lil Wayne guests on this and raps the song to its completion, while Jermaine Dupri joins Rivers for the writing credit. It’ll pump at college parties, it’ll take over mainstream radio, and hardcore Weezer fans will probably learn to loathe it, but I sure don’t. Call it a guilty pleasure. I’ll take it.

“Trippin’ Down the Freeway” is classic Weezer at its best. It’s sweet and happy. It’s about finding the perfect gal who’s “got the Shirly Applebee look”. It’s upbeat and catchy…doesn’t everyone just want to find Mr. or Mrs. right and then go trippin’ down a freeway? So simple, yet so profound. (Though not a coincidece – what a great driving song!)

Though there will be haters, give “Raditude” a shot before drinkin’ all that Kool-Aid.  If you’re looking for some trendy, pretentious indie to dissect, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Monsters of Folk record. Or you can wait for Vampire Weekend’s sophomore release in January. But if you don’t hate fun, “Raditude” is a party starter.


One Response to “‘Raditude’ is the best album title ever.”

  1. It is an excellent title – love Weezer.

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