‘The Runaways’ teaser trailer

So a biopic of The Runaways – cool idea! Should be badass, right?


Why, dear God, did they have to cast Kristen Stewart for the lead role of Joan Jett? Did anyone even watch Adventureland? She’s the worst part of such an amazing film! And she won’t stop biting her lip all the time! And playing with her hair! It’s like she thinks she’s staring into a mirror instead of a film camera. Seems like the studio just drank the Kool-Aid to me – ‘Oh, Stewart is popular now. Those vampire movies sure are swell!’ Dammit, NO THEY AREN’T!

Let’s get this perfectly straight —> Stewart blows. Scout Taylor-Compton was also chosen to portray Lita Ford. Taylor-Compton only helped destroy my favorite horror series ever (Laurie Strode will never be the same :::tear:::). Ughhhh.

So if I can possibly get past these hideous casting choices, Dakota Fanning plays Cherie Currie, and Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat pops in as well!

This one could seemingly go either way. Are you excited for it?

Props to Gail for posting this first over @ The Worley Gig!

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