Lost vs. the State of the Union: LOST WINS

Internet freak shows Lost fans can finally stop getting their panties in a bunch: The State of the Union will not be taking place on February 2nd, the night of Lost’s sixth and final season premiere.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs confirmed this to ABC, saying: “I don’t foresee a scenario in which millions of people that hope to finally get some conclusion in “Lost” are preempted by the president.”

So there you have it Losties. Your premiere will be uninterrupted. Now, please start (and continue) shutting the fuck up, kthx.    😉

It’s no secret that I’m a former Lost fan turned sour. Though I will be watching and blogging about the final season, I can’t wait for it to end…mostly so I can say ‘I told you so.’

Oh, and also – I’m more excited about the return of this guy!

’24’ premieres this Sunday (the 17th) from 8-10pm on Fox, and continues Monday (the 18th), same time and place.

‘Lost’ premieres February 2nd on ABC…buuut you already knew that.


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